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CBC Interview - Video

Toronto, Ontario

An interview about rammed earth building featuring principal Architect of Stones Throw Designs Inc, Terrell Wong - Architecture for the Environment.

The Globe and Mail

Medium Reno for Marshall McLuhan home

But when dealing with a heritage home with a protected exterior (Wychwood Park is Toronto’s first residential Heritage Conservation District), there is often a great deal more consideration as to what to do with the interior. While the “dead-end” foyer needed to breathe because “you could never get farther than three feet away from this beautiful oak staircase,”...

The Globe and Mail

Expert Way of Thinking Green

Because I’ve often covered sustainability in this space, I’ve gathered my own experts for a pre-Greenbuild roundtable discussion: Terrell Wong of Stone’s Throw Design, winner of the 2006 Archetype Sustainable House competition ...

The Archetype Sustainable Home

Kortright, Ontario

As experienced architects, Terrell Wong, Clelia lori and Anne Stevens understand the important connection of home and neighborhood to quality of life, their vision of the houses of the future includes homes custom tailored to each household, tree-lined streets, real connections to nature and the built environment and buildings that are less of an ecological burden...

BEC Green

Ontario's first rammed earth home

To recap: Sylvia, a retired physics teacher, and her husband, a retired English teacher, were determined to build one of the lowest possible embodied energy homes they could. When researching materials and styles of homes, she wanted to find a material that was local, abundantly available, durable, and contained a low-embodied energy. A rammed earth fit home all of her criteria.

The Globe and Mail

Rural, Ontario

In rural, Ontario, a high-tech home built of low-tech dirt....if these walls could talk...

Winner - Design award 2006

The Archetype Sustainable House

The Archetype Sustainable House at The Living City Campus (located just north of Toronto) at Kortright demonstrates viable, sustainable housing. Through education, training, market transformation and partnership programs it will influence how communities are built, planned, constructed and lived-in to minimize ecological footprints and improve people’s quality of life.

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