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Urban Straw Bale House Complete

urban straw bale renovation 80% reduction in energy use

This ninety year old masonry Tudor style home is situated in the Beach area of Toronto along the slopes of what was once a natural ravine. It is perched on a challenging site, set mid-slope between the road in front and a laneway behind. Since its original construction, there have been minimal changes to the building. To honour this history, the beautifully paneled living and dining rooms were restored. The spaces that wrap around these original rooms allow an open flow, permitting the penetration of an abundance of natural light. A full-width two storey addition was constructed at the rear to create an open concept kitchen and family room. A wall of triple glazed full height glazing extends the home out into the lush sloping backyard. Durability and continuity inform all levels of the design. The choice of materials was important in order to stand the test of time, creating a patina, not degradation. Straw bale insulation was chosen as the best option for the lime render substrate that continues from the original façade. Air tightness, insulation, windows, reduction of thermal bridges, and ventilation based on Passive House principals were used to reduce energy consumption by close to 80%. Walkscore:91

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