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RETHINKING THE BUILDING STOCK – IT’S A CARBON THING (Filling in the Gaps with the #MissingMiddle:P

Recently in social media the #missingmiddle has become more popular. I must be old because this missing middle was just called “poor planning” when I was in university. What it means is that Toronto and likely many other locations have lots of high rise residential buildings and right behind them single family homes. The missing middle represents the mid density multifamily residential lining our transit routes. These are 5-7 storey buildings with retail at the bottom. Think Brownstones in New York at the lower density and The Hausmann style walkups that radiate through Paris at the higher density.

Hausmann Paris

Hopefully this current #missing middle trend will have an effect on the local zoning. This is good because it creates livable density with access to solar for all buildings.

#solargrid #climatechange #greenarchitecture #constructionindustry #ontario #sustainabledesign #cleanenergygrid #sustainablehomedesigntoronto


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