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Thermal Envelope

Toronto Energy Efficient Architects

Also known as the exterior wall of a building, the thermal envelope is essential to sustainability.  It is your first defense from increasingly more intense elements.  It is the coat in winter and the umbrella in summer.  The envelope has several simultaneous roles.  It is the structure, the weather barrier, the insulation and the finish of your building. 

Every material has its place.  The materials chosen to constitute the thermal envelope must have a long lifespan and the finish should remain sound for the duration.  Weak materials behind the finish can degrade without notice.  A patina of age on a building is wonderful; degradation is not.


Water in all its forms is the bane of materials.  Protecting the exterior of your structure with insulation will reduce damage from condensation.  Flashing, weather proofing and a tight air barrier will keep mass water from your structure.  A smart vapour barrier on the interior in northern climates will reduce moisture permeating into your structure. 

Protect your largest investment and your health with sound building science behind your walls.

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